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Activated γ-al2o3 Power

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If you are willing to wholesale quality, advanced and durable activated γ-al2o3 power from one of the famous China a-cg-5 manufacturers, CHALCO is always at your service. Raw materials of aluminum metal matrix composite with high quality, such as series magnesium, iron and aluminum and tabular corundum for refractory materials, with the characteristics of finer particle size and better activity. Brands Chemical components %, Particle size Al2O3 ≥ SiO2≤ Fe2O3 ≤ Na2O≤ L.O.I≤ D50,μm ≤ A-CG-5 99.0 0.20 0.04 0.4 0.25 5-8 3% These series products is activated γ-Al2O3 power specially dedicated in catalyst, widely used in petrochemical industry, such as hydrogenation catalyst and dehydrogenation catalyst and soon., with the characteristics of large specific surface area,adjusted  aperture, low contents of Na2O, which Ensures that the catalyst has good activity and selectivity. Brands Chemical composition,% Bulk Density g/ml BET m2/g ≥ Pore Volume ml/g ≥ Al2O3 ≥ SiO2 ≤ Fe2O3 ≤ Na2O ≤ L.O.I ≤ A 99.5 0.1 0.02 0.10 6.0 0.5-0.7 180 0.4 B 99.5 0.1 0.02 0.10 6.0 0.3-0.5 180 0.8 Particle size could be processed to order

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