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Activated Carbon Filter

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Basic Info.Type:Air FilterMaterial:Honeycomb Activated Carbon,Website:, Activated Carbon FilterStructure:Panel FilterItem:Activated Carbon FilterColor:BlackSize:100X100X100mm, 100X100X50mm, 100X100X20mmTrademark:Clean-LinkSpecification:100x100x100mmOrigin:ChinaProduct Description1. Eliminating the chemical contaminate2. Good efficiency3. Large specific area. 4. Micro pore structureSpeciality1. Products using honeycomb activated carbon as a filter material, aluminum alloy frame, side with welded mesh is made and be become, activated carbon filter and the traditional folding specifications2. Further to maximize the use of activated carbon, adsorption 5 to 10 times larger than folding activated carbon filter, two to four times longer service life, big air volume more than 3 times. Fully active filters of a major revolution3. Production process, one pace reachs the designated position, finished products to offer to our customers directly, completely solved the difficulty in small and medium-sized users to install. UsingFood, chemical, industrial tail gas treatment, airport, shipyards, electronic industry, automobile factory, pharmaceutical, medical, industrial, building ventilation equipment, large theaters and other public places of tail gas treatment.

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