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Product Description  Product Name :  Honeycomb activated carbon  Honeycomb activated carbon use high-quality coal based activated carbon as raw material, with the bee die pressing, high-temperature activation firing to refine.NameHoneycomb activated carbonFeatureRelatively large area, low resistance viasMaterialHigh-quality coal activated carbonApplicationAir pollution controlProcessingbee die pressing, high-temperature activatioTheoryHoneycomb Activated Carbon AdsorptionFeature  Honeycomb Activated Carbon having a relatively large area, small through-hole resistance, developed micro porous , high adsorption capacity, long life and other characteristics. Widely used in air pollution. Selection honeycomb activated carbon adsorption, namely gas porous activated carbon having a large surface in contact with the exhaust gas pollutants are adsorbed decomposed, and thus play a purification.  Honeycomb activated carbon Specification main ingredientActivated carbonNormal compressive strength>0.8MpaCommon specifications50*50*100mm、100*100*100mmOperating temperature700²/gAppearanceSmooth surface, no cracksApplication  Honeycomb Activated Carbon can be used in a variety of gas purification equipment and emission control projects, it proved better than ordinary purification effect. Honeycomb activated carbon to remove contaminants in varying degrees are: nitrogen oxide, carbon tetrachloride, chlorine, benzene, formaldehyde, acetone, ethanol, ethyl ether, methanol, acetic acid, ethyl ester, styrene, phosgene, malodorous gases acid alkaline gases.  Usage Instructions  Honeycomb activated carbon can be used directly or cabinet into purification, adsorption bed, if high concentrations of emissions,large emissions , can use both purify cabinet and the bed rotate. During use, avoid high temperature, because high temperature will reduce the amount of adsorption, adsorption capacity decreases with increasing temperature; at the same time to avoid the high amount of dust and oil mist, fog because tar sand and fog will block the pores of activated carbon, increase the resistance, reduce adsorption effect, if the environment contains large amounts of thick dust and tar, should be pre-installed dust filters in order to achieve the best results and maximum service life.  Honeycomb activated carbon warehouse

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