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Active Levelling Agent For Cotton Rh-nb-2115

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Product Information【Product Name】Active Leveling Agent RH-NB-2115【Introduction】Active Leveling Agent RH-NB-2115 mainly used in cotton, viscose and its blended fabric for leveling during active dyestuff process.【Advantage】1. Excellent dispersion, chelation and dye migration performance and make even dye adsorption in the fabric, avoid the phenomenon such as dyeing defect,  streakiness, 2. Does not affect the dyeing rate, won't cause color changes.【Basic Character】Appearance:Brown powderIonic: AnionPH: around 8.0 (1% water solution)Stability: In hard water and generally meet the acid, alkaline and  electrolyte during dyeing is stable【Usage amount for reference 】 RH-NB-2115: soft water=1:4~5 to dilute, add to dyeing bath before dyestuff, normally dosage is 1.0~4.0%(o.w..f)【Package】25kg/bag【Storage】Store in cool and ventilated warehouse. 12 moths of storage period.

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