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Adapter Spool

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Xi'an ZZ Top Oil Tools Co.,Ltd is one of the top level adapter spool manufacturers and suppliers, with professional factory, we are able to produce API and oilfield adapter spool, welcome to contact us.IntroductionThe Adapter spool and spacer spool, in accordance with API 6A, have end connectors of the same size, rated working pressure and design. Spacer spool is wellhead sections which have no provision for suspension of tubular members and which may have no provision for sealing of tubular members We manufacture the adapter spool and spacer spool in all sizes and pressure ratings suitable for Well Head extension, B.O.P. spacing, and Choke, Kill, and Production Manifold applications. spacer spool usually has the same nominal end connections. spacer spool identification consists of naming each end connection and the overall length (outside of end connection face to outside of end connection face), Detailed Size for API 6A Standard spacer spool and adapter spoolItemSpecification of the adapter spool and spacer spool13 1/8" X 5M To 3 1/8" X 5M 24 1/16" X 5M To 4 1/16" X 5M 34 1/16" X 10M To 4 1/16" X 10M 44 1/16" X 15M To 4 1/16" X 15M 55 1/8" X 5M To 5 1/8" X 5M 67 1/16" X 5M To 7 1/16" X 5M 79" X 5M To 9" X 5M 811" X 5M To 11" X 5M 913 5/8" X 3M To 13 5/8" X 3M 1013 5/8" X 5M To 13 5/8" X 5M 1113 5/8" X 10M To 13 5/8" X 10M 1221 1/4" X 2M To 21 1/4" X 2M 1326 3/4" X 3M To 26 3/4" X 3M

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