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Adhesive Tape For Masking

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If you are going to buy adhesive tape for masking from one of the best adhesive tape for masking manufacturers and suppliers, equipped with a productive factory, SCS Tycoon Tech Co.,Ltd is always at your service.Adhesive Tape for MaskingSCS Tycoon offers many adhesive tape solutions for automotive industry such as the decorative strip, threshold, LOGO, rearview mirror and masking.Tape for masking purpose in automotive industry, masking tape SCST7908,SCST7912,SCST7915,SCST7916 and SCST7918Here are some information of above items:It is made of high strength and soft masking paper, coated with rubber adhesive on one side.Good adhesion, good tensile strength, easy die-cutting property, good holding power, no glue residue leave behind after removed.Widely used for masking, packaging, fixing and bundling.Product CodeSCST7908SCST7912SCST7915SCST7916SCST7918CarrierSoft masking paperSoft masking paperSoft masking paperSoft masking paperSoft masking paperType of AdhesiveRubber adhesiveRubber adhesiveRubber adhesiveRubber adhesiveRubber adhesiveThickness0.08mm0.12mm0.15mm0.16mm0.18mmColorBeigeBeigeBeigeBeigeBeigeShear strength(N/625 mm2)88666Peel strength(N/25mm)6.5655.56Temperature Range15 °C~ 30 °C15 °C~ 30 °C15 °C~ 30 °C15 °C~ 30 °C15 °C~ 30 °C

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