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Adhesive Tape For Sealing

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If you are going to buy adhesive tape for sealing from one of the best adhesive tape for sealing manufacturers and suppliers, equipped with a productive factory, SCS Tycoon Tech Co.,Ltd is always at your service.Adhesive Tape for Fixation of FoamFor the sealing purpose in gift package,tissue tape SCST33100,SCST33120 and SCST33150 are used more than other tape. Based on non-woven cloth, it is coated with hot-melt acrylic adhesive on both sides.  We also call tissue tape as non-woven tape.Here are some information of above items:Product CodeCarrierType of AdhesiveThicknessColorShear strength (N/625 mm2)Peel strength(N/25mm)Temperature RangeSCST33100Non-woven clothHot-melt acrylic adhesive0.10mmWhite12≥18-20 °C ~ 140 °CSCST33120Non-woven clothHot-melt acrylic adhesive0.12mmWhite12≥18-20 °C ~ 140 °CSCST33150Non-woven clothHot-melt acrylic adhesive0.15mmWhite12≥24-20 °C ~ 140 °C

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