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Adult Diapers With Pe Backsheet

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Product Description
Adult diapers with PE backsheetProduct Description:1.Wetness Indicator alerts changing when indicator fades away. 2.Leak Guard fit comfortably preventing leakage.3.Super Absorbency Core: high absorbency fibers absorb liquid instantly keeping skin dry at all times. Super soft top layer prevents back flow for extra comfort. 4.Fastening Tapes securely keep diaper in place. Features and Materials including: PE film/cloth-like film,magic tape/PE tape,elastic waistband, standing leak guard, leg cuff, wetness indicator, blue core, etc. are adjustable as per customer requirements. Usage:Suitable for those illness in bed for a long time, middle to serious level of incontinence, inconvenient in action or patients after operation, or those who cannot go to the lavatory due to traffic jam. Product Structure:Frontal tape, Soft Topsheet, Leak Guard, PE Film.Sizes & Weights:Medium, 800x650mm, 95g, 8g SAP, 800ML absorbing capacity.Large, 920x750mm, 105g, 10g SAP, 1000ML absorbing capacity.XLarge, 990x810mm, 115g, 12g SAP, 1200ML absorbing capacity.

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