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Aerosol Products

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Jiangyin Yangfan Ship Trading Co.,Ltd is one of the best aerosol products manufacturers and suppliers in China, you can get aerosol products free sample and buy discount products from our factory.A wide range of CRC products are available according to their applications, i.e. Lubricating, penetrating, demoisturizing, anticorrosion, degreasing, rust removing, electrical cleaning etc. The most common items are listed below. These aerosol products do not emit harmful fluorocarbons and are ozone safe. Liquid types are also available upon request. For future detailed information or instructions for use, please write or ask local supplier for catalogues before ordering.CODENameContentsDescriptionFor Mechanical use4505813-3616ozRust and corrosion preventive. Penetrating and Moisture-off4505825-5616ozRemoving rust and corrosion, lubricant and penetrating.450583Brakleen20ozBroken parts cleaner.4505846-6612ozMoisture-off, penetrating and lubricating450586Seal Coat12ozRust preventing450587Zinc-IT16ozCold galvanize rust protevtor

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