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Aesthetic Syringe

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Features:●1st aesthetic syringe in the world,Website:, the global patent application has been accepted and disclosed:201510612757.0●32G ultra-thin & short inclined needle tip brings you no pain or bleeding● Shark tail-shaped shark booster: facilitate the injection of viscous liquid● Withdrawing thumb loop: allow immediate withdrawing in the case of approaching to blood vessels or nerves●Suitable for various applications:a) Hyaluronic acid syringesb) Facial filler/ hyaluronic acid syringesc) CE certificate 100% pure natural hyaluronic acid syringe injection deep 0.5mld) High quality cross-linked hyaluronic acid gel injectable 0.5ml syringese) Aesthetic medical hyaluronic acid syringes   f) For dental aesthetics dental composites resin dental syringesg) Aesthetics composites resin dental syringesh) Sterile disposable medical blunt tip syringes needlesi) Hot sales disposable aesthetic medical syringes without needlej) 0.5ml syringes for aesthetic without needleSpecifications:Item No.GaugeLength1G320732G7mm1G321032G10mm1G321332G13mm

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