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Ahd To Hdmi Converter

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Producing customized ahd to hdmi converter of high performance,Website:http://www.avideotransmitter.com, we are here waiting for you, and we can offer you ahd to hdmi converter wholesale service.AHD to HDMI is professional converter, USES the industrial-grade SCALER conversion processing design, converting AHD signal all the way along the HDMI signal output, AHD signal amplification ring all the way out at the same time. Make your HDMI hd equipment compatible AHD system. AHD signal automatic identification compatible AHD - 720 p, AHD - 960 hd signal, such as HDMI output can be fixed into five kinds of the most widely used formats: 480 i60, 576 i50, 720 p60, 1080 i50, 1080 i60, 1080 p25, 1080 p30, 1080 p50 and 1080 p60. Industrial grade power supply design support 5 v ~ 24 v, longer service life. Connect: Packing:     AHD to HDMI Converter         1 Pc     5V 1A Power Adaptor              1 Pc     Manual                                         1 Pc

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