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Air Bubble Film Machine

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Tinyard Enterprise Co.,Limited is one of the top level China air bubble film machine manufacturers and suppliers, welcome to wholesale air bubble film machine from our factory.Intruduction: These machines are for the application of producing bubble film and bubble film packaging products. The bubble film is made of LDPE material. It can be used for various packaging purposes such as moisture proving, dust proving, shock proving, and static prevention. It can also make into laminated films with aluminized film, foamed PE sheet, and paper are the applications of sun shading, heat insulation, and packaging.Main Features: 1.Robust and reliable.2.Suitable for a wide spectrum of materials, including LDPE, LLDPE, and recycled PE.3.Can produce films with various bubble sizes from? 6-32D, by changing the roller.4.Can be customized to make laminated film with aluminized film and, foamed PE sheet.5.Index revolving winder is easy to operate.6.Strengthened chilling function with water and wind together, which greatly improved production efficiency. The strong chilling function makes the bubble more transparent and stereoscopic. The wind also dries out the film to make it ready for the next step processing.7.Variable speed drive can greatly reduce energy consumption.8.Line speed up to 1200m/hr.Specifications:ModelDY-1200DY-1500DY-2000DY-2500screw diameter70mm75mm90mm110mmMax. bubble film width1200mm1500mm2000mm2500mmOutput20-40kg/h70kg/h120kg/h160kg/hTotal power48kw58kw90kw120kwL/D ratio30:130:130:130:1Air bubble size6mm×3.2mm, 10mm×3.4mm, 25mm×10mm, 30mm×10mmMachine weight4tons5.5tons7tons8tonsModelDY-1200DDY-1500DDY-2000DDY-2500Dscrew diameter60mm,65mm60mm, 75mm90mm,70mm110mm,90mmMax. bubble film width1200mm1500mm2000mm2500mmOutput20-38kg/h80kg/h130kg/h170kg/hTotal power73kw80kw120kw150kwL/D ratio30:130:130:130:1Air bubble size6mm×3.2mm, 10mm×3.4mm, 25mm×10mm, 30mm×10mmMachine weight4.5tons6tons7.5tons8.5tonsMore photos of machine:

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