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Air Chamber Assy

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Air Chamber AssyAir Chamber is the main component of discharging end of slurry pump, which has types of KB-45 and KB-75. Air Chamber is a combination of pneumatic fittings, air bag case, capsule, throttle plate etc. It is used to stable the exclude flow by air compression and expansion capabilities of drilling pump. Air bag assembly is a major component of drilling mud pump discharge end.Air Chamber/ Air bag/ pulsation dampener discharges form slurry pump in F series and 3NB serial produced by our company have been sold to many major oilfields. Also we can supply spare part of air bag.SpecificationModelSpecificationModelSpecificationCapsule 3NB-1000/1300Φ590*341*280Capsule 350/600Φ260*530*350Capsule 3NB-1600Φ590*314*309Slab rubber 350/600Φ65*450*24Slab rubber 3NB-1000/1300Φ510*66*22Capsule 2PN-800/1258Φ304*600*335Capsule SL,1300A(Qingzhou Pump L)Φ590*314*345Slab rubber 2PN-800/1258Φ65*505*24Capsule SL,1300A(Qingzhou Pump S)Φ465*270*250Capsule for inhalation F-500Φ337*66Capsule F-500/800/1000(KB-45)Φ444.5*235*332Capsule for inhalation F-800Φ406*76Capsule F-1000/1300/1600(KB-75)Φ732.5*279.6*378Capsule for inhalation F-1000/1300/1600Φ460*76Features1. Single piece forged bodies provide stronger body and smoother inside surface.2. Large top cover plate allows fast diaphragm replacement without removing the body from unit3. API standard bottom connection flange with R39 ring-joint gasket.4. Field replaceable bottom plates eliminate costly shop repairs and down time.If you have any further requirements, please feel free to contact us by

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