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Air Conditioning Systems Desiccant

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Xi'an Lvneng Purification Technology Limited
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Xi'an Lvneng Purification Technology Limited with professional air conditioning systems desiccant factory, is a best China molecular sieve activation, highly purified air conditioning systems desiccant manufacturers and suppliers. We are always at your service.SpecificationsItemsUnit10*14 Mesh8*12 MeshBead Sizemm1.5-2.01.6-2.5Bulk Densityg/ml ≥0.70-0.800.70-0.80Equilibrium Water Capacity@ 25℃wt% ≥19.0-21.019.0-21.0Heat of AdsorptionBTU/lbof H2O18001800Crush StrengthPoint ContactN ≥35-7050-100Point Contact-0.30.3Crush StrengthDrywt% ≥0.10.1Wetwt% ≥1.51.5Size Qualification% ≥9797Package Moisturewt% ≥1.5‍1.5ApplicationsAs a desiccant for the dehydration of compressed air in heavy duty andmedium duty truck, bus, train and high speed rail air conditioner systems.
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