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Air-cooled Mold Dehumidifer

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Product Description
Equipped with reversed phase, faulty blower, pump overload and high temperature protection. Consisted of buzzer and alarm, which ensure safe operation.Cooling air temperature can be adjusted within 12-14°C, and is displayed on the controller.Equipped with air filter which is convenient to clean.Air shield is optional, which is used to recycle the output cooled air. Note: The above max. air throughput data is obtained without air shield. Power: 3Φ, 400VAC, 50Hz We reserve the right to change specifications without prior notice Model Max. Air Throughput (m3/hr) Cooling Air Capacity(kW)  Blower Power(kW) Working with Chiller (HP) Air Outlet Temperature (°C ) Water Inlet Diameter (inch) Water Outlet Diameter (inch) Cooling Air Diameter(mm) Dimension L×W×H (cm) VAC-1000 1000 13.5 0.37 8/5 11/13.5 1 1 Φ200 103×132×169.8 VAC-2000 2000 27.6 0.55 12.5/10 11/14 1 1 Φ200 110×132×174.3 VAC-3000 3000 40 0.75 15/12.5 11/16 1 1 Φ250 122×137×186.8 VAC-4000 4000 55 0.75 25/20 11/14 1 1 Φ250 122×137×186.8

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