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Alcohol Purification Wine Decolorization Powder Activated Carbon

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If you need guidance in finding the right activated carbon solution for your specific needs, please contact our team of trained professionals for assistance. Product Description  Alcohol Purification Wine Decolorization Powder Activated Carbon  Wine activated carbon use natural high quality wood as raw material, with screening, grading and special carbonization, activation and other processes from production in the relevant research institutions and direct assistance of experts and professors, professional engineering and technical personnel. activated carbon for wine with a strong surface area and proper pore structure of carbon formed on the surface of a special activity groups. Activated carbon is widely used in wine production and post-processing of liquor, wine for the removal of sediment (turbidity liquor, wine, beer, removal of pectin, protein, yeast, etc.), to improve wine quality, accelerate the aging of wine remove odor and bitter taste in wine and so played a very good effect.Powered activated carbon for wine (improve quality for wine)  powder activated carbon use for wineModel No.Main functionTK-201turbidity, ripening and aging for Low alcohol wineTK -203Removing the alcohol and flavor in high alcohol wine , low alcohol wine turbidityTK -204Prevent turbidity and flavor for high ester-containing low alcohol wine in low temperatureTK -205Remove savor in the molasses alcoholTK -207Processing pure alcohol for making white spiritGranular activated carbon for wine(make your wine mellow ) ModelFunctionUse rangeGranular activated carbonTK -501Deodorization and complex for alcohol and processing for low alcohol wineMedium and low grade  wine processingTK -503High grade wine processingPacking : 1.25 Kg/ 50 Kg PP bags.2.500 Kg bulk PP bag. 3.25 Kg/ 50 Kg PP bag per pallet for a net pallet weight of 1000 Kg.Introduction of company Tongke Activated Carbon Co.,Ltd is Specialized in research, design , production and sale various of activated carbon.Main product of TongKe Activated Carbon is : Wood based activated carbon, Coal based activated carbon , Nut shell activated carbon ,Activated Carbon Fiber ,Activated carbon related products . Our Product is widely use in water treatment, gas and air purification , Food refining and decolorizing , Medicine , household  etc  Factory & Equipment Warehouse LaboratoryaContact Us

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