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Alloy Magnetic Powder Core

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Providing with quality and standard customer-made electronic and passive components alloy magnetic powder core and solution products, Fullstar Electronics is a leading alloy magnetic powder core manufacturer and supplier in China. welcome to wholesale electronics sendust cores, alloy magnetic cores, sendust magnetic cores, mpp cores, high-flux cores from our factory. ALLOY MAGNETIC POWDER CORE (Available in various size MIN OD6.35xID2.79xHT2.79 to MAX OD77.8x ID49.2x HT15.9) Different dimensions of toroidal cores made of sendust, MPP, high flux      Sendust core/ toroidal core / alloy powder core      Senddust core is made from 85% Fe, 9%Si and 6%Al.  It named KoolMu by Magnetics.Low loss Relative high saturation flux density (10500Gs)Applying in PFC Chokes/ Fly-back Transformers/Storage Filter InductorsZero magnetostriction Suitable for eliminating the In-line Noise FiltersWorking environment 200°C 6.5% silicon iron distributed gapped powder coreNice temperature stabilityLower loss than powder iron magnetic coresSignificantly lower loss than powder iron coresExcellent DC bias performanceHigh saturation flux densityBinding with inorganic onlyNeither aging nor instability issueNo noiseLower cost than MPP coreCustomized requirements and appearance or characteristics are acceptedHigh-efficiencyHigh PPR (performance to price ratio)Advantages:◦Wide range permeability: 26 to 90μ◦Lower core loss better DC bias Sendust toroidal cores applicationsswitching regulator inductors In-line noise filters Pulse transformersFlyback transformersEMI Filters MPP cores  characteristicshigh resistivityAvailable in various sizeslow hysteresis and eddy current lossesexcellent inductance stability after high DC  magnetization or under high DC bias conditionsminimal inductance shift up to 2000 gauss under AC conditions Applications for MPP cores include;   High Q inductorslow loss filter circuitsloading coils/transformers/chokes/ inductors/Output filtersStorage chokesFlyback TransformersBuck/Boost inductorPower Factor Correction (PFC)In-Line Noise FiltersHigh Q FiltersResonant Circuits                   High flux toroidal cores features:Nice temperature stabilityLower loss than powder iron magnetic coresNice DC bias performance and high saturation flux densityBinding with inorganic onlyNeither aging nor instability issueNo noiseCustomized requirements are accepted High fluz toroidal cores applications :In-line noise filtersswitching regulator inductorspulse transformers/fly-backtransformers PFC chokes/output filters/storage chokesPFC chokes for large currentReactor for electric vehicles/air conditionPower inductor for fuel cell vehiclesEMI filtersBoost inductorsSwitching regulator inductors

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