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Alloy Steel Round Bar 40mn2

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Alloy Steel Round Bar 40Mn2This is a medium-carbon manganese steel of quenched and tempered steel strength, ductility and wear resistance are higher machinability and heat treatment process performance is also good,. This steel has a sensitivity of white spots, cold plastic deformation, poor welding preheat to 100 ~ 425 ℃ before welding.40Mn2 are Usually used in the quenched and tempered condition, parts of the work can be used to manufacture heavy load conditions, such as shafts, crankshafts, axles, piston rod, worm, lever, rod load bolts, screws, reinforcement rings, springs, and other tune quality pieces. Generally used for small cross-sectional diameter of less than 50mm of important parts, static strength and fatigue properties.Features:Rust freeHigh precisionDurabilityHigh tensile strengthCorrosion resistance

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