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Almond Oil Powder

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Are you going to wholesale almond oil powder from a professional almond oil powder producer and supplier? it is one of the well-known almond oil powder manufacturers in China, welcome to contact our factory.Almond oil powder is cold manufactured by the proprietary microencapsulation technology which protect the oil against oxidation, heat and light, also prevent possible chemical reactions with mixtures.Main function1) The bitter apricot kernels can relieve a cough, relax bowel, cure for tuberculosis, sough, lung disease and so on.2) Sweet almond and fruit big almond that we eat daily leans to moist, have certain fill lung function.3) Almond also contains rich flavonoids and polyphenols composition,this kind of composition can not only reduced human cholesterol, still can significantly reduce heart disease and many chronic disease onset of danger.4) Almond also have hairdressing effect, can promote skin microcirculation, make the skin ruddy luster.5) Almond has antitumor effect.Application1.Applied in food additives2.Applied in pharmaceutical field 3.Applied in cosmetics fieldSpecificationTestsLimitsResultsAppearanceOff-white or white free-flowing powderConformsLinoleic Acid as TG(mg/g)150-300153Oleic Acid as TG(mg/g)560-750571Stearic Acid as TG(mg/g) 5-100Palmitic Acid as TG(mg/g)5-50Bulk Density(g/ml)0.40-0.60 g/ml0.47Peroxide Value(%)10.0 Max.0.8Loss on Drying(%)3.0 Max1.5Particle Size95% through 40 MeshConformsLead (ppm )1.0 MaxConformsArsenic (ppm )1.0 MaxConformsCadmium (ppm )1.0 MaxConformsMercury (ppm )0.1 MaxConformsTotal Plate Count(CFU/g)3,000  Max.ConformsYeasts and Molds(CFU/g)300  MaxConformsE. coliNegativeConformsSalmonellaNegative/25gConformsStaphylococcus aureusNegative/25gConforms

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