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Aloka Ssd 900 Ultrasound

Product Description

Featuring design concepts inherited from our higher end systems along with Hitachi Aloka’s latest proprietary electronic technologies, the compact SSD-900 delivers superb images.

Traditionally, portable units suffer from hardware and software limitations that affect image quality. Hitachi Aloka’s SSD-900 sets new standards for what’s possible in a portable unit. Incorporating over 50 years of experience and unique micro-chip technologies, the SSD-900 generates incredibly high-resolution images.

The SSD-900 offers a full range of measurement functions for professional ultrasonic examination. And unlike conventional portable systems, the SSD-900 includes annotation labeling and 15-channel preset functions as standard features.

The system also use Super High Density transducers (found on our high-end systems) to enhance imaging resolution. These multi-frequency transducers provide a broad range of imaging frequencies to optimize scan frequency for depth of view.

  Employs Super High Density transducers from our high end systems.
  Convex Sector & Linear Scanning is standard.
  ABC (Automatic B-gain Control)
  IPS (Image Processing Select)
  ISP (Image Select Profile)
  Offers a full range of measurement and calculation functions for professional diagnosis.
  15-channel user programmable presets.
  Retractable keyboard with illuminated keys.
  256 grayscale levels for a full 8 bit depth that allows for excellent contrast resolution.

Optional Features

  Additional electronic transducer connector

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