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Alpha Arbutin

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If you are looking for high purity and best selling alpha arbutin or you want to import high quality and excellent price alpha arbutin,Website:, Xi'an Le Sen Bio-technology Co.,Ltd is always at your service.Arbutin is the active substance originated from natural plant which can whiten and lighten skin. It can infiltrate into the skin quickly without affecting the concentration of cell multiplication and effectively prevent activity of tyrosinase in the skin and the forming of melanin. By combined arbutin with tyrosinase, decomposition and drainage of melanin are accelerated, splash and fleck can be got ride of and no side effects are caused. It is one of the safest and most efficient whitening materials that are popular at present. Prodcut name:  Alpha arbutin Specification:  99%Appearance: White powderMesh size: 80 MeshGrade: Food & PharmaceuticalBrand Name: LS-HerbTest Method: HPLC Function:1.Cosmetic usage: skin whitening, anti- age effect and UVB/ UVC filtera. Action Mechanism: Arbutin can effectively inhibit the formation of melanin and the hyperpigmentation which caused by ultraviolet radiation. So it can be used to whiten skin, prevent the production of fliver spots and freckles, treat sunburn and regulate melanogenesis.b. Application Methods: Added to advanced cosmetics which function is lightening skin, sunscreen and dispelling freckle. c. Reference Addition:0.5~3% 2. Medical usage: an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agenta. Ingredients for burns drugs : Arbutin is a new main ingredient for burns drug , characterized by rapid analgesic, anti-inflammatory and strong, rapid elimination of swelling, heal quickly, leaving no scars.b. Ingredients for intestinal anti-inflammatory drugs: bactericidal, anti-inflammatory effect, non-toxic side effects.

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