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Alsi Alloy Pistons

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Product Description
AlSi alloy is an ideal wear-resistant material for its high temperature strength,heat stability and high abrasion resistance.In recent years, AlSi alloy has a fast development in many applications,it has been widely used in automotive,motorcycles and military industry. Applications:Passenger carsLarge engine(6 cylinders and more)Ship motorSports carsRacing cars(Formula 1,Rally,Motor GP,Karting,Model Engine,Boat Racing, Motorcycle racing)Off-road vehicleMotortruckTanksArmored carEngineering vehicleElectric vehicleAdvantages:Light weight, only 1/3 the weight of casting iron and steel iron;High fatigue and low density;AlSi alloys offer a guarantee of excellent shape stability, increased stiffness, wear resistance and low thermal expansion for pistons.Besides, AlSi alloys also have excellent thermal conductivity and ductility.AlSi alloy pistons increase the power density of engines,which makes the overall properties much higher and output power be raised at least 15%.

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