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Product Description
AlSi25, same content as DISPAL 260, widely used for auto parts.Cylinder liners;Pistons;Rotors;Brake Discs;Advantages:Low density;High stiffness and fatigue resistance;Readily machinable;Readily weldable;Applications:Large engine(6 cylinders and more)Racing cars(Formula 1, Rally, Motor GP, Karting, Model Engine, Boat Racing, Motorcycle racing)Off-road vehicleElectric vehicleOthersGradeSi contenctEquivalent Foreign GradesDensity g/cm3CTE   ppm/℃Tensile Strength   MpaYield Strength   MpaElongation   %Hardness   HV30Elastic   Modulus   GPaAlSi2525%DISPAL S260,   DISPAL S263,   DISPAL S264,   DISPAL S263,   DISPAL S268,   DISPAL S269,   DISPAL S2702.6416.94804410.719096

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