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Alumina Ceramic Mat

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Product Description
Performance Index Of Alumina Ceramic Mat、PieceproductPerformance   Index 92Series 95Series 97Series 99SeriesAL2O3(%)>=92>=95>=97>=99Rockwell hardness(HRA)>=85>=88>=90>=90Water   absorption(%)=3.80 Product spec.Of Alumina Ceramic Mat、PieceNameLength(L)mmWidth(M)mmHeight(H)mm99Series10*1010103-1017.5*17.517.517.54-1023.7*23.723.723.75-15Wearable flat   brick50*2550255-10Wearable flat   brick50*5050505-10Wearable flat   brick100*1001001006.5-15Wearable flat   brick120*80120806-20Weldable Wear-resistant   brick150*601506010-25Wearable flat   brick150*1001501006-25Wearable flat   brick150*10015010012-50 Weldable Wear-resistant brick Product spec.Of  Alumina Ceramic Mat、PieceSchematic   diagramBreedMarkScopeAlumina  LiningL*W*HSuitable for   the size of the narrow、shaped surface pavingAlumina    Flat tilesL*W*HApplicable to   non-vibrating plane StonesAlumina Flat   welding brickL*W*H/d1*d2*h1*h2Apply   to the plane of vibration or have special requirements plane StonesAlumina Pipeline   brickL*W1/W2*HSuitable for   circular or polygonal wearable pipeline StonesAlumina Pipe   welding brickL*W1/W2*H/d1*d2*h1*h2Wear resistant pipe for applications that require high   PavingAlumina Curved   brickL*R1*R2/aSuitable for wearable pipes、arc pavingAlumina Arc   welding brickL*R1*R2/a/d1*d2*h1*h2Wear resistant pipe for applications that require high、 arc pavingAlumina CasingD*d*HFor high-end   or have special requirements wearable pipeline StonesAlumina Welding   hole brickD1*d2*h1*h2Produced   according to user requirementsShaped   ProductsAccording to user requirements and the shape of the   production process  Website:

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