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Alumina Wear Resistant Hex Tile

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Product Description
Alumina Wear Resistant Hex Tile features:  High hardness,Website:,high density,low wear loss,good normalization,good corrosion-resistance,ect.,are the most ideal grinding media for glaze material,body material and various powdered ores.Alumina Wear Resistant Hex Tile pplication: used  on  cements, paints, refractories,inorganic mineral powders industries,etc..Specifications of Alumina Wear Resistant Hex TileAl2O3      [%]92.15SiO2       [%]≤7Fe2O3      [%]≤0.25Density (g/cm3)           3.61-3.64Hardness (Moh’s)9Compressive strength(Mpa)2300 – 2500Flexual strength(Mpa)330-350MPaAbsorptivity [%]0.01Wearing loss (as per ASTM C704-07) (cm3)0.2~0.6

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