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Aluminum Anode For Ballast Tank

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Aluminum Ballast tank anodesAluminum alloy sacrificial anode is used for the metal anti-corrosion cathodic protection of ships, mechanical equipment, offshore engineering and port facilities in seawater as well as the protection of pipes, cables and other facilities in mud.The performance of aluminum anode is influenced by the chemical composition of the alloy, so we offer different composition of aluminum alloys to meet our customer requirements.   Chemical composition Of Aluminum anode, %AlloyZnInCdSnMgTiImpurities(max)AlSiFeCuAl-Zn-IN2.0-2.60.01-0.02----      -0.0500.005      -0.020---      -0.045-0.018      -0.035--      -0.035----0.10-      -0.050-0.025      -0.0750.50      -1.00-      -0.050--0.50      -1.500.01      - properties Of Aluminum anodeTypeOpen Voltage(-V)Closed Voltage(-V)CapacityA.h/kgEfficiencyAl-Zn-In-Si1.05-1.181.05-1.122500 min90% minAl-Zn-In-Ti1.05-1.181.05-1.122500 min90% minAl-Zn-In-Mg-Ti1.10-1.181.05-1.122600 min92% minAluminum Anode for Ballast Water TankTypeDY-BADY-BBDY-BCDY-BDDim.1500x(65+75)x 70500x(115+135)x 130500x(110+130)x 1201000x(58.5+78.5)x 68Weight21.5kg23.0kg20.0kg13.2kgTypeDY-BEDY-BFDY-BGDY-BHDim.800x(56+74)x 651143x(48+54)x 51250x(80+100)x 85250x(70+90)x 70Weight10.0kg9.0kg5.0kg3.0kg*The Dim. Refers to length x width x thickness in mm

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