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Aluminum Anode For Seawater And Offshore Structures

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Product Description
Aluminum anodes for seawater and offshore structuresTypeDY-SADY-SBDY-SCDY-SDDim.2300x(220+240)x2301600x(220+210)x2201500x(170+200)x180800x(200+280)x150Weight275.0kg165.0kg144.0kg80.0kgTypeDY-SEDY-SFDY-SGDY-SHDim.1250(115+135)x130900x(150+170)x1601000x(115+135)x130750x(115+135)x130Weight56.0kg53.0kg45.0kg34.0kgTypeDY-SIDY-SJDY-SKDY-SMDim.1500x(148+178)x170850x(180+220)x180700x(160+220)x180500x(115+135)x130Weight120.0kg85.0kg72.5kg23.0kg*The Dim. Refers to length x width x thickness in mm* We also take customers’ requirements order.Why choose Aluminum anodes ?• Aluminum anodes are not so active that they are dangerous in salt or brackish water as are magnesium anodes.• Aluminum anodes will last longer because of their increased current capacity.• Aluminum is the only anode material that can be used safely in all types of water. • Aluminum anodes are 2 ½ times lighter than zinc making them much easier to carry home from the store!• Aluminum is a much better alternative than zinc as far as the environment is concerned, since it is not considered a pollutant.

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