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Aluminum Flashing Tape

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Product Description
product Model No  Mian Material CAS No MF  Place of  Origin Aluminum Flashing tape 656A butyl 9003-27-4 BiPb Shanghai, China 1、Description  Aluminum Flashing tape is a butyl sealant tape with colorful aluminum and has excellent weather resistance, widely used in decorative waterproof roof. The aluminum of the surface is nice looking,easy to install. The back butyl rubber is non-solidation, permanently flexible. Excellent waterproof sealing, life time up to 20 years. 2. Usage:  Roof flashing system, sealing of chimney,sealing of solar panel etc. 3.Application:  Apply on the flashing parts or roof,push with a wood hammer. 4.Storage:  Shelf life 12months(5°C-25°C ).

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