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Aluminum Honeycomb Wall Cladding Panel

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Facade, curtain wall cladding panelAluminum honeycomb panel can be offered at large scared size, maximum at 1600x12000mm with excellent rigidity. Compared with other cladding panels, aluminum honeycomb cladding panels provide high impact resistance and excellent strength. It is often the best solution when a building requires light weight, high strength composite panels. Our cladding panels are with easy and fast installed fixings, which could save a lot time and labor from installation. Crowded public place, such as air port, bus station, bank, theater, library and so on like to use aluminum honeycomb panel. Standard ConstructionFace: 1.0 mm aluminum sheetCore: Aluminum honeycomb (1/4" cellsize)Back: 0.7-1.0 mm aluminum sheetPanel thickness:  10mm,15mm, 20mm,25mmFinishes: PVDF coating/paint, wood pattern, stone pattern, anodized, mirror finish, printingFeatures: 1. Extremely low weight: Approximate 38% low weight compared solid aluminum. 2. Excellent strength: Approximate 4 times the rigidity of 3mm thk solid panel.3. Excellent thermal conductivity59% more effective than 3mm thk aluminium solid. This thermal resistance will increase if the thickness of honeycomb panel is increased4.Cost effective mounting system:  Self adaptive system fixing system help to reduce installation cost and increase working efficiency. It is open joint, and very strong system that provides cost effective solution for building installation.  5.Colour ConsistencyAluminum honeycomb cladding panels are often with PVDF coating.The PvdF coating process is in coil coating. Which ensures high purity coating, uniform paint film thickness and colour consistency.Any color from Ral chart

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