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Aluminum Plate

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Product Description
Carton size mm      Art no      Description      Size LxWxH      color      pcs/inner      pcs/ctnLWHcbmN.W. KGG.W. KG3340350Alum plate S 800ml353x245x20mmsilver251003602603650.0341642.683.083340450Alum plate M 1800ml425x285x23mmsilver251003702954350.047484.524.923340550Alum plate L 2150ml545x359x20mmsilver15755603702500.051866.43345012Alum cont round 120mlØ85x40mmsilver R13256002651903200.0161121.321.723345025Alum plate round 255mlØ165x30mmsilver R14255003402953500.03510533.43345120Alum plate round 1200mlØ252x23mmsilver R15254005802605150.0776625.25.63345140Alum plate round 1400mlØ217x43mmsilver R5252503902254500.0394882.853.251. Environmental health materials: use aluminum foil plates which can be recycled 2. Use convenient and health: Applicate to various cooking method and can hold various types of food3.Save cost:  aluminum foil plates with light weight, it's not only easy to take away. But also the price  is very competitive 4.Functions: aluminum foil plates Mately used in aviation catering, bakery, also can be used in hotels and disposable food product packaging.

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