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American Bathroom Decoration Bathroom Hanging Up The Living Room Sofa Background Wall Decorative Mir

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Origin: HangzhouInstallation: HangingMaterial: Silver mirrorPort of shipment: Ningbo,Website:, ShanghaiMOQ:5Delivery time: 10-15 daysModelHSM-016HSM-017HSM-018HSM-019HSM-020Specifications(mm)960*750900*7001000*10001200*7501090*70Product features:1, material: high quality fiber backplane + mirror + mirror + Silver Antique high-quality hardware accessories (back)2, lens: is the use of modern advanced mirror technology, selection of premium float glass for the original film and the sensitization, silver, copper plating, coating protective paint and a series of processes made. The image is characterized by pure image, high reflectivity, good color and luster, and the image is bright and natural, even in the humid environment.3, packing: wire drawing film + foam + slab4, the product details of work: 9 mm MDF spray black paint, 4 mm silver mirror, plus hand grinding edge5, American decorative mirror is in line with the characteristics of simple American, with smooth lines to retain the traditional American classical beauty, neither significant nor tedious and lasting appeal. Hundred Lun walk series is simple American representative, elegant and harmonious, bright colors and elegant, the romantic feelings of nostalgia is very simple and practical, the home space open and tolerant, let a person did not significantly cramped, personal experience to rela Mirror wiping method:1, don't touch the mirror with wet hands, also do not use wet cloth to wipe the mirror, to avoid increasing moisture pour into;2, the mirror can not be exposed to salt, oil and acid substances, these substances are easy to corrosion;3, the mirror to dry with a soft cloth or cotton wipe, to prevent surface scratches;4, can be used with a soft cloth dipped in some kerosene or wax wipe;5, with milk cloth to wipe the mirror, picture frame, can make it clear;6, bath, the soap can be applied to the surface, and then dry cloth wipe, the mirror that the formation of a layer of soap film, can prevent the mirror fuzzy; 7, with a dry cloth dipped in the amount of washing Ling smear on the mirror, evenly spread. The active ingredients contained in the detergent can effectively prevent the water vapor from condensation on the mirror surface, which can play a good role of anti fog;8, also can use the convergence of make-up water or detergent;9, the oil paper wipe, the effect is good. Another is to use the newspaper to wipe, the mirror will not leave a plush. And rub out the mirror is very bright. (this is our common method at present).After-sale service:The quality of the product itself and the damage on the way of transport by the seller to bear. What should pay attention to when you sign? When you receive the goods, please be a courier, you carefully check the goods of the outer packing is damaged or whether there are traces of the open, if not the case again. So you must be in front of the buyer after the receipt of the courier staff to check whether the product is complete, whether it will leak! If the goods have obvious fault marks, or the production of the problem by the shop to bear the cost of replacement back and forth.Note: products are taken in kind, due to technology, light and other reasons, do not rule out the picture has a color, all in kind prevail. Product icon size and physical size may be slightly different, are subject to the entity

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