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Among The Rhodium Compounds Of Rhodium Chloride Hydrate

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Attributes  --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Chemical Names: Rhodium chloride  Molecular Formula: Cl3Rh  Molecular Weight: 209.2645 g/mol  Application  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RhCl3(H2O)xexists as dark reddiamagneticcrystals. It is mildlyhygroscopic. It is soluble in water to give reddish solutions that, depending on the age of the solution, contain varying proportions of RhCl3(H2O)3, [RhCl2(H2O)4]+, and [RhCl(H2O)5]2+.   Description  --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Rhodium(III) chloride refers to inorganic compounds with the formula RhCl3(H2O)n, where n varies from 0 to 3. These are diamagnetic solids featuring octahedral Rh(III) centres. Depending on the value of n, the material is either a dense brown solid or a soluble reddish salt. The soluble salt is widely used to prepare compounds used in homogeneous catalysis, notably for the industrial production of acetic acid.

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