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Amorphous Alloy Dry Type Transformers

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Amorphous alloy dry type transformersSpecific features:1. The low energy: the use of an isotropic soft magnetic permeability material, small magnetizing power, high resistivity, low eddy current loss is small. Core load current and load loss amorphous alloy material is very low, only silicon 1/3 transformer load loss value dropped by 75% compared with GB / T10228 requirements. It can greatly reduce operating costs, significant energy saving effect.2. Corrosion resistance: amorphous alloy core full-sealing device and processed through high temperature silicone resin, effectively prevent rust and debris off of amorphous alloy in order to effectively protect the core and coil.3. Low noise: To reduce the operating noise products, selecting appropriate flux density in product design, improve the core and coil structure during processing, the use of special materials, such as noise reduction, noise products far below the national standard JB / T10088 requirements .4. Anti-short-circuit capability: Products using three-phase five-column structure, core protection Surrounded by frame, compact structure. SUNTEN amorphous alloy dry-type transformers in the country through the first sudden short-circuit test.5. low temperature, long life: the product low temperature, strong cooling capacity can be 150% of rated load operation under forced air cooling conditions. Improve the performance of optional temperature control and protection system, to provide a reliable guarantee for the safe operation of the transformer.

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