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Anion Sanitary Napkins

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Product Description
Item No #ANION290Features: 1. Soft continous surface: take care of your health, which makes you feel comfortable.2.Ultra wide soft wings: can hold tightly onto underwear, fastening and never shifting and  leaking. 3.Center super absorbent layer: can lock six times, flow not escape the tide  4.Super breathable backsheet: breathable backsheet breathes out the moisture breesily, get rid of your bad mood.  An far-infared Anion tape is embedded in each sanitary pad, the Anion tape may help:* Eradicate odor * Reduce stress * Strengthen immunity * Enhance metabolism * Remove fatigue * Enhance hormonal balance 8 Layers Structure:1st layer:Non-woven: Perforated film or Cotton smooth non-woven with ultra comfort2nd layer:Anion Chip: Woven cloth anion chip which is good to female's health and can relieve menstrual discomforts. 3rd layer:Upper Air-laid paper: 360 degree tightly wrapped, not easy causes napkins deformities.4th layer:Super absorbent polymer Paper: effectively absorbent, keep dry. 5th layer:Air-laid paper: enhance freshness, provide maximum absorbency per sanitary pads. 6th layer:PE breathable leak-proof bottom layer(allows the air to be absorbed in for ventilation)7th layer:Release paper: specially designed back adhesive which comforts to ergonomics.8th layer:Wrapping foIl sachet. Outer protect layer to keep the pads clean.Enclosed Vagina Health Self-Test Card:This card is used specially to detect effects and examine health data of vagina area before and after the use of this product. It is a health self- test card with up-to-date science & technology.Size: 290mm (also available in 240mm size single pair of wings)Packing:As per customer preference/requirements. Minimum Order Quantity : 1x20’FCL per SKU.Delivery Lead Time: a. approx.30 days for first orders;b. approx.20 days for re-orders.Remark: OEM & ODM services are welcomed. Raw materials,SAP & pulp quantities, cartoon designs, packing configurations, etc. are adjustable as per clients requests and market demands. Please contact our sales persons for more discussion.

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