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Annulus Gear

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Quick Details of annulus gear ●My company to "honesty, quality first" business philosophy, strict all aspects of the process, using the most advanced technologies and techniques to solve the problem of many engineering machinery industry, producing a variety of high-quality mechanical products.●My company for construction machinery, heavy duty truck wheel side of the ring IF heat treatment process with advanced technology comparable to European and American countries, through rigorous processes and innovative ideas, quenching baked ring, regardless of process quality, the amount of deformation, quenching hard layer depth are fully reflected in the leading characteristics of the product, instead of the traditional carburizing, nitriding energy consumption and serious pollution technology.●I wheel to the axle shaft (axle casing) forging process using punching, forging flow lines perfect and improve the utilization of steel, reducing costs. Spline and bearing units using the site overall frequency quenching heat treatment process to improve the mechanical properties of the product. Through the major OEMs loaders major manufacturers supporting the production of automobile axles, has made significant product superiority. ●1999 and 2009 China National Day, the missile side team vehicles car wheel axle casing and the internal ring gear, sun gear, planetary gear, axle for my company, and received military recognition.Our workshopAdwardsISO9001:2008 from Sep.24th.2015---Sep.23 th.2018

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