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Anode Materials

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Spherical Graphite Definition:Spherical Graphite is the anode material of choice in the booming battery business offering superior charge efficiency,Website:, energy density and cell capacity. It is either used in its natural form, as synthetic graphite or as a modified natural, so called spherical graphite (SG) material finding widespread application in lithium-iron batteries used in grid-attached residential and industrial energy storage solutions, eletric vehicles (EVs) as well as portable consumer electronics devices.Properties:Higher density in the battery; Better rate capacity; Longer life. Lower cost.Specifications: D50/10um; D50/15um; D50/18um; D50/23umPacking:25kg small bags; or 1000kg bulk bags;Delivery Time:In one month after the orderPayment Terms:T/T  or  L/C

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