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Anti-freezing Type Closed Cooling Tower

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If you are going to buy cheap and high quality anti-freezing type closed cooling tower from one of the best anti-freezing type closed cooling tower manufacturers, or you are going to check the price with a such factory, Fangzhou Water Cooling Equipment Co.Ltd is always at your service.Closed cooling tower two-stage cooling way: primary cooling by air cooling, rely on the wind for cooling coil pipe cooler; Secondary cooling adopts air cooling and spray, the use of secondary cooling when the environment temperature is higher, at the same time of air cooling spray system to spray the water to the cooler on the surface, when water evaporates able to eliminate the heat coil, so as to achieve the cooling effect. The advantage of closed cooling tower: 1, the loop closed cycle cooling medium, without impurities, ensure the purity of medium; 2, the water cycle of water use soft water, do not scale, not plug line; 3, cover an area of an area small, can according to need to move, put; 4, small energy consumption, simple operation and reliable. 5, anti-freezing type cooling tower adopts advanced technology design and manufacturing, to ensure that no freezing, users use to look easy. Equipment technical performance specification: host: host cooling tower is mainly composed of shell, copper cooler, exhaust system, spray system, dehydrator, sump tank, etc. Shell: cooling tower shell made of stainless steel processing and beautiful appearance generous, (the appearance of color can be specified by the user, the standard color to blue). After numerical control machine tool cutting, folding, rushed to the weld assembly, precise dimension is flat and level. Cooler: the cooler for cooling tower of the key components, internal cooling medium, external after air cooling and water spray to achieve cooling requirements; Adopt international standards of T2 acid cooler were made with copper, are all bare copper pipe, without fin, to ensure that the cooling effect; Silver electrode is used to connect between the copper pipe and elbow welding, solder joint less and good quality. Exhaust system, network system main function is to drain the cooling tower of saturated hot wet air, the inlet air grille, fan and protective cover, etc; The aluminum shell is three fans, increase the service life. The spray system: spray system is mainly composed of spray pump, connecting pipeline, spray the top. When the temperature more than set temperature, the system control automatically open spray system, to ensure that the temperature of the cooling requirements. Dehydrator: dehydrator exhaust system is the main purpose of the spray water and hot water of steam comes out; Special PVC efficiently dehydrator, the water flowing rate of less than 0.001%, makes the equipment to be placed in the water mist sensitive areas. Sink: sets tank storage is the main purpose of spray water, by the sink, floating ball valve, inlet and outlet, etc. Auxiliary engine, auxiliary engine is mainly cooling tower control system, by the main pump, stainless steel water tank, electric control, temperature control system, pressure control system, etc.

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