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Aquafilling 100g

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About Aquafilling

Working in the sphere of aesthetic medicine, each plastic surgeon strives to find such a product which would be compatible

with a human organism, would be safe and would provide for a natural look with long-lasting results.

Finally, such dermal filler is available and its name is AQUAFILLING.

Aquafilling® is a soft tissue dermal filler, which makes women beautiful and attractive. Aquafilling® is a natural

substance and is biocompatible with a human body.

Aquafilling® provides a natural beauty and there are no fragmentations, aseptic inflammations, formation of stiff fibrous

capsules or migrations of the gel.

Aquafilling® is a hydrophilic and water soluble gel. Thanks to its structure it does not provoke any complications,

degrades slowly and provides high safety and a long-lasting effect. The results in face areas last more than three years.

In case of Aquafilling® breast augmentation the effect lasts more than five years.

Aquafilling® is a highly elastic gel, which can be administered through thin needles and does not require any preliminary

anesthesia of the injection site if it concerns face areas. Gel easily flows into the skin and provides a woman with a

virtually painless procedure.

It is non-invasive and non-surgical way to solve different aesthetic problems in cosmetology and contour plastics

(wrinkles smoothing, volumetric filling, breast enlargement)

If you would like to work with a highly safe and natural product, to have no complications and to see satisfied patients,

Aquafilling® is namely that dermal filler which corresponds to all requirements mentioned above.

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