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Ar Fiberglass Twist Yarn

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Product Description
◆DescribeAR(alkali resistant) fiberglass twist yarn is a twist yarn with ZrO2 content of over 14.6%, and impregnated with chemical materials, ◆Character: excellent alkali resistant◆Technical dateSpecificationTypeSingle fiber diameter(μm)linear density  (tex)Tensile strength     (N/Tex)Twist (S)ZrO2  (%)AR50AR1150>0.4530~5014.6AR67AR1167>0.45.30~5014.6%AR100AR11 or 13100>0.4530~5014.6%AR134AR13134>0.4530~5014.6%AR260AR13260>0.4530~5014.6%AR300AR13300>0.4530~5014.6%◆Packing: wIth carton box

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