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Aramid Fiber Packing

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Product Description
JFY-5200 Aramid fiber packingDescription:Diagonally braided from continuous Aramid fibers, impregnated with PTFE and high temperature silicone oil. Extremely tough and durable packing with a chemical compatibility better than PTFE-lubricated asbestos and the unsurpassed mechanical strength of Aramid. The impregnation with PTFE and lubricant results in a low coefficient of friction and allows shaft speeds up to 15 m/sec. However, due to the toughness of Aramid we recommend shaft (sleeve) hardness   60 HRC.Application areas:Although mainly designed as a rotary pump packing, style 2004 is also suited for valves and piston pumps, mixers and reactors in the following industries: pulp and paper, pharmaceutical, food, sugar, chemical and petro-chemical, power stations, steel mills and many more. Also ideal as anti-extrusion rings in combination with softer packing.Application media:The chemical resistance of Aramid together with the PTFE-impregnation allows this packing to be used in connection with most chemicals (except very corrosive ones), water, steam, oils, solvents, etc., while its extreme abrasion resistance makes it ideal for use with abrasive sand, slurry and other gritty media.Advantages:Extremely durable and abrasion resistant packing suitable for a wide variety of media in many different industries.Technical data:RotatingReciprocatingValvesPressure8 Mpa20 Mpa30MpaShaft speed:20 m/s rotaryTemperature-100 to +280PH range2~12Not suitable for:Highly concentrated acids, caustic solutions, alkali metals, oxygen.Package:5kg/roll, 10kg/roll.Supply OEM products.

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