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Aromatic Polyamide Paper Tubing

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Aromatic Polyamide Paper TubingWorking temperature: -60ºC ~ +220ºCAromatic polyamide paper tubing is manufactured by twisted aromatic polyamide paper then adhesive by special glue. The glue possesses similar chemical characteristics with polyester film.Main application range: insulation and mechanical protection for soldering,Website:, connection, wire harness, transformer, motor, cable, heating element, capacitor, telephone, electrical appliance etc. DimensionInside diameter 2.0-65(mm),Thickness 0.05-1(mm), Length 10-1000(mm) ColorNatural color, clear, yellow, stripe availableDielectric StrengthAfter polishing, it can withstand 18~40KV/mm short time voltage field strength. It is not necessary to do further treatment with vanish or resin. Due to the low dielectric strength of Aromatic polyamide paper product, the electric field is distributed averagely between insulation and cooling dielectric.Mechanical TenacityExcellent intensity, high flexibility, high performance of wear resistanceThermal StabilityCompliant with UL standard and can work under 220°C stably more than 10 years.Chemical CompatibilityResistance to acid and alkali. It is compatible with all varnish, adhesive, transformer liquid, lubricant and coolant. Beside, Aromatic polyamide paper is not easy to be destroyed by insect, epiphyte and mildew.Low Temperature PerformanceIn the boiling point(77k)of nitric, the strength of T410insulation paper and Aromatic polyamide paper exceed the strength under room temperatureHumidity ResistanceAlthough the product is wet more than 95%, its dielectric strength is totally dry in 90%. Consequently, many mechanical characteristics changedRadiation ResistanceEven though the ionization strength up to 800 Mrad (8MGy), Aromatic polyamide paper won’t be affected. Moreover, it will maintain its mechanical and electrical properties after 8 times radiation.Non-toxic/fire EnduranceIt is no harmful to human and environment. It doesn’t melt in air. It’s fireproof. Its oxygen restriction index is higher than 20.8 in 220°C, so it won’t catch fire. Aromatic polyamide paper products compliant with all restrictions in UL94 V-0 standard.Note: Besides above dimension, can manufacture other dimension upon request.

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