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Asphalt Storage Tank

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Hangzhou ICOM Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd Hangzhou ICOM Construction Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional manufacture of road construction machinery in china. Management team with many years of experience in the design and manufacture of construction equipment and trained world renowned equipment manufacturing experts at home and abroad a number of important new technology road works promotion of new equipment ,get a good project results.Especially developed to optimize applications with industry-leading levels of construction equipment and asphalt in the asphalt performance .My company has a system integration technology road construction equipment, to meet the equipment requirements of the whole process . Management team has a strict work style and good business philosophy of cooperation between the parties work together to provide integrated services industry demeanor , higher precision , specialized in the development of the road .Factory: Ready to go: Parts warehouse : Painting workshop: Assembly workshop: Show details: Main technical description of ZM-20YSG bitumen storage tank1 Main Technical DescriptionZM series asphalt storage transportation tank is our company according to the highway facilities in transportation storage requirements, and reference to similar products on the basis of our own research and development of products. Tanks adopt unique insulation structure and high efficiency heat preservation material, and is equipped with double guide high power burner, can deal with all kinds of asphalt spraying for long distance, large capacity transportation work. According to characteristics of asphalt, such as rubber asphalt storage and transporation, increase the stirring shaft on the interior of the tank.The machine’s frame with a standard container size, convenient transportation and handling.Advantage Description:1:Standard container internal size design, easy to transport and unloading.2:Imported double high-power burner, automatic ignition, throttle control.3:Outsourcing of tank insulation cotton, and color steel plate, beautiful appearance, generous.4:In view of the rubber asphalt storage and transportation. Increase the stirring shaft. Main Technical Parameter Of ZM-20YSG Bitumen Storage Tank Item No.Shipping DimensionsStandards CompliantTank DimensionsTank CapacityHeating CapacityThe Optional Stirring Shaft Motor PowerZM-20YSG6056*2434*2588mm20ft container5252*2246*2246mm20m3 213kw*211kw

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