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Astm Cotton Nylon Fire Retardant Fabric

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ASTM cotton nylon fire retardant fabric  Composition: 88%cotton,12%nylon   Weight: 7oz  FR Finish: Proban                                    Construction: 3/1 Twill  MOQ: 3000 meters  Available Weight:7oz, 8oz, 9oz,10oz  Standards:NFPA 2112,ASTM F 1506,ASTM D6413  Send Inquiry  Chat Now  Feature:  High quality cotton, special nylon fiber  Better protective characteristics than cotton and normal nylon fiber blending  High tenacity, extend the usage for 50%  High fastness  Proban treatment is provided  Color :  In-house Quality Control  Xinke Protective has a vertically integrated testing facilities, especially the standards environment test provides accurate data for customers. Temperature and moisture equilibrium, dry-cleaning, and regular facilities ensure the FR fabrics with great quality, durability, color consistency and shrinkage control.  Xinke Protective will take one meter per 500 meters in randomly for testing and ensure every bulk fabric in accordance with customers requirements.       Packaging & Shipping  Xinke Protective conducts under ISO 9001 to ensure appearance quality of products and packages.   Load:  Eg: 7oz30,000 Meters, 20''FCL  7oz98,000 Meters, 40''FCL  Shipping: To guarantee the delivery time, frequently used shipping company are MSK, MSC, COSCO, etc.    Flexible Stock to Ensure Fast Deliveries  With stock of greige fabrics we offer maximum of flexibility, further ready-made FR fabrics are available from stock all the time.    Application  The FR Workwear made of Xinke Protective fabric provide superior flame resistant protection, comfort, and durability to thousands of workers in mining industry, workshop, electrical industry etc.

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