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Auto Bagging Machine Standard Model

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Auto bagging machine (Standard model)Product functionAuto bagging machine (Standard model) suitable for take bag, slip the bag on the bag clamping top, material filling and sealing operation of various forms bag, including single-ply bags, double-ply bags (with inner bag) and even relatively soft bags.Product featuresWith  particular bionic manipulator technology to gripping the bag,opening the mouth of the bag, loading the bag onto the folder. It is especially suitable for auto bagging of double-layer bag in fertilizer industry. This technology is originated in China. The reliable and swift bag placement ensures that our spillage rate is much lower than that of other competitors.With particular design of Upward-Downward car type conveyor, the bagging can reach speeds of up to 1200 bags per hour. (25 kg/bag, PP)SpecificationAuto begging capacity: 500bags/h~1200 bags/hMaterials to be handled:PP, PVC, Feed, Pure alkali, Fertilizer etc.This equipment and automatic weight machine, automatic palletizing machine, form the automatic packaging palletizing production line.Auto weighting, bagging and palletizing lineAutomatic packaging machine assembly workshopAuto bagging machine for fertilizerAutomatic packaging machine (Riverina Co. Australia)Real time monitoring and controlling for the packaging lineAuto bag placerAuto bag magazineAuto bag transfering device- car type conveyorSewing machineSewing and heating sealing machine with tape (for PVC auto packing)Weighing checkerMetal Detector

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