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Automatic 3 Brushes Rollover Car Wash Machine

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3 Brushes Rollover Car Wash MachineBig side brush2Small side brush0Cross brush1Polishing brush0Machine size2000*3560*2850mmMax car size5500*1950*2000mmDry system1 setConveyor size10.00mWash speed15-20cars/hWater consumption100L/carPower consumption16kwCompressed air0.8Mpabrushes rollover car wash machine has PLC control, lower cost and long life, good appearance and energy saving, anti-rust and stale.The process is water spray foam spray brushes dryer, the wash speed is about 3 minutes a car.Sense water spraying automaticallyCopying cars washing automaticallySpraying automobile detergent automaticallyWashing chassis automaticallyCleaning rim automaticallyWax spraying automaticallyCopying dryer automaticallySystem testing automaticallySewage treatment system to purify, circulate and save

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