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Automatic Rising Bollards With Remote Control Led Bollard Light

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GS AUMATIC RISING BOLLAR SERIES  Model: 220GS-800Hydraulic Bollard Information  Hydraulic automatic bollard mainly consists of oil pump unit and steel frame construction. It usesoil pressure as dynamic to realize the rise/fall of bollard.As a moving device, it is usually installed at vehicle entrance/exit. It rises to block the vehicle and falls tthe ground level to authorize free passing.  Hydraulic Bollard Feature  High security and anti-collision ability hydraulic unit which is built-in bollard could provide large power safely for a long time.  Automatic fall/rise in the case of outage (optional)  Reflective band and LED light  3M Diamond series reflective band  Various color options for Glossed reflective band; only need weak light to be clearly visible at night.  Low energy consumption LED light ensure safe at night  Hydraulic Bollard Materials Available  304 stainless steel  316 stainless steel  Carbon steel with galvanized and powder coated.Hydraulic Bollard General Featureshydraulic movement: The most reliable technology for most intense use at all temperatures and weather conditions;Built–in hydraulic pump in the bollard: This philosophy has many advantages, particularly in installations in locations with severe winter temperatures or when the installation requires a considerable distance (up to 80 metres) between the bollards and the control unit;Integrated system for the protection of handling: to maximise the reliability of operations due to impact by vehicles on the cylinder that is put in motion;Wide range of optional configurations: custom colours, flashing lights integrated into the head, 220V solenoid valve (in case of power failure, our automatic b ollard is lowered, releasing the gate), heat resistance installations in locations with harsh winter temperatures, UPS unit for operation in the temporary occurrence of power failure, equipment control, equipment accident prevention.Automatic Bollard Quick Details Diameter:220mmHeight: 800mm, Finish:RAL painted or stainless steel Flashing LED (optional)  LEDs around bollard headAutomatic Bollard Technicala Datasheet Cylinder     AISI 304 Stainless SteelCylinder Diameter   220mmCylinder Height   800mmCylinder Thickness(mild steel)     6mmCylinder Thickness (Stainless Steel)  6mmCylinder Finish (mild Steel)     Polyester Powder CoatedCylinder Finish (Stainless Steel)   BrushedReflective Strip   Yes – 55mmRising Speed      10cm/secLowering Speed    15cm/secSafety Pressure Switch   YesEmergency Lowering     Yes (Automatic Lowering with Blackout Device)Connection Cable to Control Unit   10M (Max 80M)Hydraulic Pump   Built Into Automatic BollardGrade of Protection   IP67Life Average    5,000,000 – 2000/DayImpact Resistance    30,000JBreakout Resistance   150,000JOperating Temperature   -40⁰C  +60⁰CHydraulic Bollard Installation ImagesHydraulic Automatic Bollard Production FlowHydraulic Rising Bollard Factory

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