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Automatic Transmission Fluid Additive

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Automatic Transmission Fluid AdditiveATF-2 Automatic Transmission Fluid Additive PackageProduct IntroductionATF-2 is a kind of functional additive package especially designed for automatic gear-shift system and power steering system oil. It is suitable for blending PTF-I, PTF-II automatic transmission fluid, can meet the requirements of Dexron II specification.Reference dosageIn the appropriate base oil, used together with polymethacrylate type viscosity index improver, anti-foam agent and dye, the dosage of 7.6%(m) can meet Dexron II specification ATF.SpecificationItemTypical ValueAppearanceRed brown transparent oily liquidDensity, 20 ℃, g/cm3ReportFlash point(open),≥℃170Kinematic viscosity,100℃, mm2/sReportsulfur,%(m/m)1.575Zinc,%(m/m)0.89Phosphorus,%(m/m)0.83Calcium,%(m/m)0.42Boron,%(m/m)0.173Packing & Storage The product is packed in 200 liter metal drum(Net weight:190kg/drum). During the storage, ,loading and unloading and blending, the highest temperature should not exceed 65 ℃,during long-term storage, the highest temperature should not be more than 45 ℃. For other details, please check the related MSDS.

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