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Automotive Gap-filling Butyl Sealant

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Product Description
ProductMian MaterialCAS NoMF Place of  OriginAutomotive gap-filing butyl sealantbutyl9003-27-4BiPbShanghai, China1.DescriptionAutomotive gap-filling butyl sealant is a one-component, permanent non-solidation sealing material. It shows good performace on air-tightness, weather resistance.Meet the Emission Test and Requirement for the Materials and Components in Vehicle. Small temperature sensitive, No flowing under high temperature, easy to extrude under low temperature.2.Usage:Gasket gap-filling for automotive doors, windows, inside and outside panels, etc. On line applying with the sealant pump, the application surface should be clean, dry and oil-free. Adjust the pressure of the pump according to different temperature.3.Product character:(1)Cream like, no flowing under high temperature, easy to applicant.(2)Good adhesion performance.(3)Good sealing performance, age resistance, oil resistance, water resistance4.Package: 200L/drum;20L/drum;310ml/tube

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