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Automotive Steel Sand Castings

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1. What is sand casting?Sand Casting mould, also known as sand molded casting, is a metal casting process characterized by using sand as the mold material.2. Advantages of sand casting?Sand Casting mould is relatively cheap and sufficiently refractory even for steel foundry use. Sand Casting process is wildly used for: Prototype, Low Quantity Orders, Complicated Constructions Parts who can not be made by die casting or forging, Large Size Parts which is too big for the die casting and forge machine.Usually, sand casting mould is much cheaper than die casting and low pressure gravity casting moulds. So to start a project or get a full size sample, sand casting is a low risk manufacturer way.Aluminum parts can be made by die casting, sand casting, gravity casting and forging.But other black metal, like steel, iron parts can not be made by die casting. Only sand casting and forging are workable.3. Disadvantages of sand casting?The density of sand casting parts is not as firm as die casting or forging parts.Sometimes, after machining and polish, there will porosity apperance on the surface of the parts. So those parts who have very high requirement of surface or high requirement of leakage checking better not use sand casting. Or we need to fix the porosity issue after machining. Usually, infiltration can solve this issue.The unit price per kg is higher than die casting and forging. Because sand casting is a slow process, and labor cost procedure. And the lead time is longer than die casting.c. Surface roughness: sand casting parts will be little rougher than die casting parts.4. After read above introduction, you can make decision how to process your program.a. Die Castingb. Sand Castingc. Machiningd. Forging

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