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Auxiliary Equipment Vibratory Dryer For Polishing Use

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Auxiliary Equipment  Vibratory dryer for polishing usePolishing machine Vibratory Dryer is  designed for the application work parts surface drying. And it can be connected  with the vibratory linear system.Features1.It is a kind of drying and surface smoothing  vibratory machine, and it can be equipped with the vibratory finishing system  for the continuous work parts deburring, separating, water washing & cleaning, and hot drying. Parts evenly distribute among inner channel of  vibratory dryer.2.The machine use the organic media (corn  cob or Walnut media) for the application of hot drying, and the heated media  can absorb the moisture from the work part surface easily. The process of hot drying will not leave any marks on the surface of work parts, further more the  work part surface gains more smoothness. Drying media within machine flows  and recycled.3.The heating temperature can be  controlled, work parts can be separated after the drying process.4.There are two ways of power heating to  enable the work parts to be dried up with efficiency.5.Dust cover with integrated suction fan  and dust collector.6.Parts  feeding opening and discharging opening design easy to connect with other  working process, easy to realize production automation.ModelCapacity(L)Lining    thickness(mm)Net weight(kg)Motor    power(kw)Heating    power(kw)Process bowl    width(mm)Size LXW(mm)HXPV 150150203002.262601900x1000HXPV 6006002012005.594001900x700

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